Signage installed at the new Eliza Miller Building at JF Wahl Primary

The signage for the new Eliza Miller Building at JF Wahl Primary is up. Cougar Nation is rising. Great things happen every day in Helena-West Helena School District!

Phillips County Election Commission certifies millage election results

Another milestone in this exciting journey for the Helena-West Helena School District and our community has been reached. The Phillips County Election Commission has certified the election results of the special election held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Many thanks to Commission Chair Johnny McKenzie, Commissioners Laketha Fluker and Amber Tipton, Election Coordinator Cal Woodbridge, County Clerk […]

It’s time to forgive, heal and move forward for the kids

March 14 will go down as a momentous and historic day in the Helena-West Helena School District. Our community has decided to take a huge step forward in enhancing our public school system, which is going to be a huge boost for our children and this community. When all of this is done, it is […]

Tax campaign creates some ugly problems

Randy Hogan at and I haven’t always agreed but I have always respected him. I appreciate his words in his column today. The Helena-West Helena School Board, Superintendent John Hoy, and this school district are working hard and doing things the right way. We will live up to the faith that the voters have placed […]